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Our region or territory would like to host a Bioconversion project. What solutions can MUTATEC offer?

MUTATEC is in the midst of development, deploying farms in new territories. Our teams come to meet you in order to evaluate and validate the feasibility of the project.

Define the technical frame (food losses that can be mobilized, realistic farm size, selected technologies, energy optimization system, target markets for ingredients).

With the possible support of local partners, MUTATEC then manages the entire project from A to Z: Financing, design, building permits, construction, until commissioning and operation.

As an agri-food manufacturer, our activity generates food losses that we wish to value in the most virtuous approach possible. What are the MUTATEC prerequisites and solutions?

In compliance with the "Animal Feed" regulations, the raw materials used to feed our insects must be of plant origin (milk egg products are also allowed). Thus, production and sorting leftovers from fruit and vegetables (producer, wholesaler) are quite appropriate.

Such as losses and co-products of the agri-food industry (peelings, stones, fruit juice dregs, olive-pomace products, cereal cereal grounds, etc.) and expired products from distribution. One of our expertise is to check their nutritional adequacy with the physiological needs of the larvae.

Also, raw materials are subject to prior controls (pesticides, heavy metals, etc.) and are traced. For each insect farm, the volumes range of food losses to be mobilized is still several tens of thousands of tons. These different materials will then be assembled and mixed in the proportions required to form a substrate with optimal characteristics.

Directing food losses towards bioconversion and returning to the food chain is a very virtuous solution, allowing the best nutritional recovery (proteins).

We are looking for alternative ingredients (proteins, fats) to develop petfood range in our Central European factories. Does MUTATEC have the authorizations and a production facility capable of supplying ingredients derived from insects?

After obtaining the necessary approvals from the French veterinary services, MUTATEC has been marketing its products manufactured in the DEMOTEC farm in Cavaillon, to dozens of customers since the beginning of 2022.
MUTATEC products (dry, wet, frozen) have already been tested and integrated into the factories of the most important European pet food manufacturers.
We can therefore work together to develop a commercial partnership and will make sure to send you the first deliveries within 4 to 8 weeks.

As a company specializing in conventional agriculture and breeding, we would like to diversify into insect production in a European country. Could MUTATEC be our partner?

MUTATEC has all the technologies, experience and skills to carry out Bioconversion farms and work with you in this diversification of your activity, which is often complementary to historical agricultural activities.

In particular, we will look at how our DEMOTEC farm model made in Cavaillon could evolve to take into account your needs and your existing facilities.

We produce shrimp feed in Latin America? Can we replace our conventional raw materials with MUTATEC ingredients?

MUTATEC has conducted numerous incorporation trials of insect meal into aquaculture feed, including several for juvenile shrimp.

The zootechnical performances obtained are systematically satisfactory (final mean weight, conversion index, mortality). Also, as the literature indicates, the feed has good attractiveness (Cummins et al., 2017) and there is no effect on the colour or texture of shrimp flesh (Panini et al., 2017b).

In addition, the incorporation of insect meal seems to have a positive effect on shrimp immunity (bacterial challenge to Vibrio parahaemolyticus).

We formulate pig feed in several factories in northern Europe. Can MUTATEC insect fats be incorporated into our products lines?

MUTATEC produces and markets (sanitary certificate issued by the DDPP84 FRANCE) indeed insect fats for animal nutrition. This ingredient can easily replace conventional animal fats or palm oil.

The main fatty acid contained in Hermetia illucens fats is lauric acid (natural medium-chain triglycerides, monolaurin precursors), known for its antimicrobial and antibacterial characteristics as well as for its direct energy supply (stored fats).

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