Actors in the agri-food sector

Agriculture and agri-food losses

All over the world, agriculture and agri-food industries inevitably generate losses.

  • fruit and vegetables discarded after harvest because they are out of size or damaged (apples, melons, etc.)
  • unused parts of fruit and vegetables (carrot tops, cocoa pods)
  • non-marketed fruit of ripening
  • unsold products from markets and retailers
  • Residues from the agri-food processing industries: fruit and vegetable peelings and waste from canneries, fruit juice pressing residues, brewery spent grains, grape marc, olive pomace ...
  • non-compliant products, with an expiry date exceeded, whose cold chain has been broken (bakeries, pastry shops, dairies, canneries, etc.)
  • cereal products (wheat bran, rice bran, etc.).

The quantities concerned in the world represent hundreds of millions of tonnes. Bioconversion by insects is a virtuous solution, recycling these losses in resources for agriculture.

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