September 12, 2023

DOSIN'TEC, winner of the SPACE 2023 innovation awards.

In insect farming, the achievement of satisfactory zootechnical performance requires in particular the control of stocking densities. In association with LE GOUESSANT, we have developed DOSIN'TEC a counting system to better control the density of larvae for better bioconversion.  The innovation patented by LE GOUESSANT and MUTATEC is based on a technique for analyzing images successively exposed to double lighting capable of distinguishing the larvae in their living environment. The integration of DOS'INTEC on a production line makes it possible to limit time-consuming and incomplete human tasks, and to monitor the development of larvae and the evolution of their population. On 12 September, the SPACE2023, an international trade fair and unmissable event for livestock professionals, was held in Rennes. On this occasion, the professionals awarded us the InnovSpace (1) "Two stars" prize; mark of recognition of the interest and quality of this new tool in the service of more sustainable livestock farming. We are now planning to market this equipment on a larger scale to insect manufacturers or research centres. 

  1.  The winning innovations are available online at  
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