July 20, 2023

Hermetia illucens, the insect of choice on the Japanese Koï menu

Originally bred in Japan, Korea, China and Vietnam, ornamental carps have appeared all over the world. Prized by pond lovers and collectors, these valuable fish have beautiful patterns and colors (red, white, yellow, black, etc ...) and can live up to sixty years.

 To feed them, breeders and individuals alike are looking for protein-rich and high-quality feed to ensure the growth and perfect health of their beloved fishes.

Since 2021, several professionals in the sector have begun to introduce dried or puffed black soldier fly larvae (Hermetia illucens) into the diet of their fish. This is particularly the case of our partner AZUR BASSIN https://www.azur-bassin.com installed on 10,000 m² in Hyères.

Distributed one to three times a day in addition to the feed, the larvae are immediately swallowed by Koi carps who love them. In addition to stimulating appetite, black soldier fly larvae are a natural source of chitin, antimicrobial peptides and lauric acid; recognized in numerous publications for their positive effects on immune defenses and the fight against pathogenic bacteria.

"From the first weeks of distribution in spring and summer, the benefits on growth and health are visible," as evidenced by Mathieu MOLLARD, Director of AZUR BASSIN and specialist in the sector for more than 20 years.

Resulting from Bioconversion and produced in France by MUTATEC, the pop dried larvae are produced according to the requirements of the European Regulations relating to food safety; and marketed under the approval of the competent authorities.

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